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Cocoa Extract Energy


Cocoa Extract Pills

Get the benefits of chocolate without the sugar and fat!! Cocoa is the plant from which chocolate is made. You've probably heard the buzz about the possible heart health benefits of chocolate, especially dark chocolate. Cocoa extract contains a variety of chemicals, including antioxidants called flavonoids. It is not clear how these might work in the body, but they appear to cause relaxation of veins. This could lead to lower blood pressure. Recently Cocoa extract has become popular as a weight management solution.

Historical facts

The cacao tree was named by the 17th century Swedish naturalist, Linnaeus. The Greek term theobroma means literally "food of the gods". Cacao beans were used by the Aztecs to prepare a hot, frothy beverage with stimulant and restorative properties. The Aztecs esteemed its reputed ability to confer wisdom and vitality. Taken fermented as a drink, chocolate was also used in religious ceremonies. The sacred concoction was associated with Xochiquetzal, the goddess of fertility. Emperor Montezuma allegedly drank 50 goblets a day. Aztec taxation was levied in cacao beans. 100 cacao beans could buy a slave. 12 cacao beans bought the services of courtesan.

Health Benefits

Even though Cocoa Extract Pills is usually eaten for pleasure in the form of chocolate, there are potentially a lot of health benefits. Other than its mood uplifting effects. Cocoa pills may positively affect the circulatory system, lower cholesterol levels in adults. Other possible effects under basic research include anticancer, brain stimulator, cough preventor, aphrodisiac qualities, and antidiarrhoeal activities.

Cocoa beans contains small quantities of anandamide, an endogenous cannabinoid found in the brain. Sceptics claim one would need to consume several pounds of cocoa to gain any very noticeable psychoactive effects; and eat a lot more to get fully stoned. Yet it's worth noting that N-oleolethanolamine and N-linoleoylethanolamine, two structural cousins of anandamide present in chocolate, both inhibit the metabolism of anandamide. It has been speculated that they promote and prolong the feeling of well-being induced by anandamide.

  • raises the levels of serotonin in the body and uplifts your mood
  • causes relaxation of veins
  • has antioxidant properties
  • as a weight management solution Cocoa makes you feel fuller

How Do I Take It

Each bottle contains 60 pills, take one or two as required. For improved mood and energy.

What Are The Ingredients

Cocoa Extract Pills contain the tetrahydroisoquinoline alkaloid salsolinol up to a concentration of 25 microg/g. Salsolinol is a dopaminergic active compound which binds to the D(2) receptor family, especially to the D(3) receptor with a K(i) of 0.48+/-0.021 micromol/l. It inhibits the formation of cyclic AMP and the release of beta-endorphin and ACTH in a pituitary cell system. Taking the detected concentration and the pharmacological properties into account, salsolinol seems to be one of the main psychoactive compounds present in cocoa.

Cocoa Extract is derived from the Cocoa Plant. Each 500mg capsule contains: 50mg Theobromine, along with other psychoactive chemicals, found in cocoa, like

  • Tryptophan is an essential amino acid. It is the rate-limiting step in the production of the mood-modulating neurotransmitter serotonin. Enhanced serotonin function typically diminishes anxiety. Yet tryptophan can normally be obtained from other sources as well; and only an unusually low-protein, high-carbohydrate meal will significantly increase its rate of intake into the brain.
  • Caffeine
  • Phenylethylamine (PEA) or "love-chemical". Phenylethylamine is itself a naturally occurring trace amine in the brain. Phenylethylamine releases dopamine in the mesolimbic pleasure-centres; it peaks during orgasm. Taken in unnaturally high doses, phenylethylamine can produce stereotyped behaviour more prominently even than amphetamine.

Side Effects

As used along the directions there are no side effects. Don't use the product if you have severe health concerns or you are using a strong medication. If you feel unpleasant after taking the pills, try to relax. If you still have issues contact a health care specialist.

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