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St John's Wort - Anti-depressant


St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum)

St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum) is also known as Goat Weed, Klamath Weed, and simply as Hypericum. Its bright yellow flowers make it easy to see along roadsides and in empty lots, and the small bumps on the leaves create the illusion of holes. In fact, these bumps are oil glands of strong medicinal value. The flowers produce a bright yellow dye when mixed with Alum, but a deep violet-red dye when mixed with alcohol.


St. John's Wort may have been named for the coincidence of its peak harvest time with the birthday of St. John-Summer Solstice or perhaps for the red specks that allegedly appear on the leaves on the anniversary of his death, August 29th. In any case, it was favored as a remedy for nervous tension to the point of being employed to "exorcise evil spirits" during the Middle Ages. St. John's Wort has a rich history of superstition as well. Its scent was said to be so unpleasant to the devil that it was given the name Fuga daemonium, or "the devil's flight" or "the devil's scourge". Sprigs of the dried flowers were placed over images of religious icons and ancestral portraits to ward away evil. It was even said that to tread on a St. John??s Wort plant after sunset would summon a pookha, a fey horse, that would carry you away for the whole night.

Current Uses and Research

St. John's Wort is probably most well-known in our day and age as a kind of "natural Prozac". It is considered a mild sedative with a variety of additional attributes. It appears to work primarily in the nervous system, unlike other herbs suggested for depression which tend to work through the liver and kidneys. Many clinic studies have supported St. John's Wort's effectiveness in treating mild to moderate depression, finding that it is at least as effective as other prescription antidepressants with much fewer side effects. St. John's Wort is known for much more, however. It has been used also to stimulate bile and gastric secretions for stomach upsets, to improve poor blood circulation, to regulate menopausal fluctuations and irregular menstruation, and to treat shingles and other viral outbreaks. Externally, it has been used to treat deep wounds, sores, burns, bruises, inflammations, sprains, hemorrhoids, neuralgia, sciatica and other nerve pains.

How do I take it?

In cases of mild depression, take one or two capsules of St. John's Wort daily. Although results are noticeable within one hour of consumption, maximum benefit will be obtained by continuing this dosage for at least two months. A health professional should be consulted in cases of more severe depression.

How does it work?

St John's Wort shows anti-depressant activity. This activity is thought to be due to inhibition of monoamine oxidise (MAO) thereby increasing levels of beneficial neurotransmitters in the central nervous system. Current evidence suggests that a combination of mechanisms may be responsible for this action. St John's Wort's anti-depressant effect may be via its photosensitizing activity. It's well known that light or lack of it plays a role in some types of depression; and it has been found that St John's Wort lowered the amount of light necessary to obtain a therapeutic effect and that normal daylight may have a similar effect to intensive light therapy when combined with St John's Wort. Studies on the effect of hypericin on melatonin release by the pineal gland indicate this may also be a possible mechanism of anti-depressant activity.

Other possible mechanisms

Other mechanisms associated with the anti-depressant activity include:
  • Inhibition of catechol-o-methyltransferase which breaks down catecholamines such as adrenaline and noradrenaline
  • modulation of serotonin receptors
  • suppression of interleukin-6 (an inflammatory mediator that may play a role in depression via its effect on cortisol release)

What else is it good for?

St John's Wort shows bacteriocidal activity against a number of gram positive and gram negative bacteria including staphylococcus aureus, proteus vulgaris, E. coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. It has as anti-inflammatory activity, it improves mood, and improves wound healing.

Is there any side effects?

St. John's Wort can cause an over-sensitivity to light in some individuals. It should not be taken in combination with any prescription medication for depression or psychiatric disorders, it may interact with estrogens and oral contraceptives and that the combination may be associated with inter menstrual bleeding, and there have been unsubstantiated reports of women becoming pregnant while taking St. John's wort while on oral contraceptives. St john wort should not be taken for long periods of time (more than 3 months) without first seeking medical advice.

What about the privacy while purchasing or ordering the product?

This will be delivered completely with full privacy since its requirement of this trade. Also it will be sealed pack and courier person will not be aware of the contents inside.

What do the pills contain?

Each capsule contains:

  • extract St Johns Wort 20:1
  • Hypericin Standardized 0.3% (equivalent to 6000mg dried herb)

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